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How it works for contractors and service providers x

Projobo provides a platform for contractors and service providers to search and bid on projects listed by other members. Letís see how it works:

Check for Projects:
You check our database for projects you are interested in. Projobo offers you multiple ways to do that. You can just browse the listings, do detailed searches or even get automatic notifications by email when projects matching your criteria are listed.
For more on searching projects, click here.

Place Your Bid:
After identifying the project(s) you are interested in, just place your bid(s). You can include references, formal quotes or any document or information with your bid that is of interest for the lister.
For more on submitting bids, click here.

Lister Awarding

Awarding of the Project:  
The project lister will check which bids best suits his/her needs and awards it to the most suitable bidder. If the lister finds no bid acceptable, the project will not be awarded.

Provider Performing
agreed Service

Quality Work:
If your bid is accepted, you are required to perform the job according to the agreed upon bid. A well done job will result in positive feedback for you, which will help you get more projects in future.

More Projects, More Revenue:
Projobo provides you with a new way to get jobs. So you can increase your visibility, fill in open spots in your schedule and increase your revenue.

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