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How it works x

Projobo connects you with contractors by providing a platform where you can show your project to a large number of contractors and allow them to bid on it. Letís take a look at how it works in detail:

Lister Entering
Project Details

List the Project:
You describe your project, specify what needs to be done, when and where and any specific requirements you may have for the contractor. A simple form aids you in the process. For more on listing of projects, click here.

Lister Checking

Review the bids:
After you listed your project, bids of interested contractors will be collected. You can see their detailed bids, check their profile and credentials and discuss details of your project with them. For more on reviewing the bids, click here.

Lister Awarding

Award the project:
When youíve decided which bid suits your needs, you award the project to the contractor. You are entirely free in the selection of a contractor. If no bid suits your needs, you just cancel the listing.

Provider Performing agreed Service

Quality Work:
After you awarded the project, the service provider will do the job according to the accepted bid. Contractors are motivated to do a good job, as your feedback is critical to get future jobs.

Money Saved

Great Savings:
As contractors compete for your business, rates go down, you save!

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