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About Projobo x

The Idea

The idea of Projobo originated in an overgrown yard that cried for immediate attention. The quote from a local landscaper was very high but due to limited time at hand, the alternatives were never explored and ultimately, the job was carried out at the quoted price. The frustration of having to spend so much money on a simple task led to a posting on Gardening Forums that resulted in several responses from other landscapers who would’ve done the job at a fraction of the price actually paid. A flashbulb immediately lit up!

‘Can there be an effective way to reach out to the most economical and efficient local service providers?’ ‘How can the prospective buyers be most efficiently connected with the local service providers?’

And the answer is Projobo.com!

Your Yellow Pages cannot be solely relied due to a number of factors –

  • Not all service providers advertise their services in the Yellow Pages,
  • Individually contacting the service providers to assess their suitability is time consuming,
  • You are never sure about the reputation of, and quality of work you’ll get after, hiring a specific provider.

The Concept

Projobo.com is based on a simple concept of bidding on projects. Buyers (in need of some service) post details about their project and requirements for the job. And service providers (specialists for the specific project requirements) compete for the job through a bidding process. The buyer selects the service provider, who he finds best suited for the job.

Projobo.com acts as a platform to –

  • Provide buyers with multiple options of service providers to choose from,
  • Provide service providers a simpler way to seek out more work,
  • Provide service providers with an excellent opportunity to advertise their services to a larger Internet audience,
  • Provide a comprehensive feedback for buyers and service providers to generate confidence among the Projobo members,
  • Provide a healthy competitive bidding process that benefits all the Projobo members.

The Company

Projobo LLC
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Email: info@projobo.com

Projobo is committed to make this site fun and a great platform for buyers and service providers. If you have any suggestion on how to improve the site or encountered a problem in using this site, please feel free to drop in a word though the feedback system. We shall address all your queries on a priority basis.

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